FnS Interview – Aubrey Anderson-Emmons of Modern Family


Meet 4 year old, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons, the new Lily on Modern Family. You have heard of Modern Family, right? The hottest family sit-com in existence?  Well, it just so happens that Aubrey’s mom, Amy Anderson, is a Funny not Slutty. Amy was kind enough to ask Aubrey my interview questions, and promises these are real answers. Don’t miss the two videos after the jump, and you can keep up with Aubrey and Amy at http://www.funnyyellowmom.blogspot.com/.

Your show Modern Family just won 5 Emmys. What is an Emmy? –  I don’t know what’s an Emmy!! (Amy: It’s an award.) I want to win an Emmy! Do I get to have an Emmy?!

Is it hard not to laugh when you shoot funny scenes? How do you keep from laughing? –  Yeah. It’s hard. I sit down, but they say not to sit down. Why do they say that?

Your character Lily has two dads, what do you think that would be like in real life?  - No, I want to have THREE daddies!

What do you think are the funniest things in the world? –  Taylor! (her friend from school)

If you could be the star of any film or TV show you wanted, what would you be in? – MODERN FAMILY!!!

Your Mom is a comedian and actress, do you think she is funny? – No!

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Funny not Slutty of the Week – Amy Anderson

Amy Anderson Comedian

She’s “the skinny Margaret Cho” and she’s a member of our community…LA comedian, actor and musician Amy Anderson has established herself as one of the hottest up-and-coming comedians in the country and also created and hosted the first Asian American stand up showcase, Chop-SHTICK, at the legendary Friars of Beverly Hills and the Hollywood Improv. You have seen Amy on Comedy Central, Showtime, GSN, Sitv, Mun2, AZN, VH1, QTN and The Tom Joyner Show on ABC. Amy has appeared in several national television commercials and you may recognize her as the coldhearted “Elevator Lady” in that Southwest Airlines elevator commercial. Amy is currently headlining club & college shows throughout the U.S., working on several tv and online projects and cutting food into bite sized pieces for her three year old.

Here is an Office spoof Amy did with her daughter Aubrey for National Lampoon. Also starring Dat Phan, Eugene Kim & Charles Kim.