The Actress – The Scene Partner

the actress ann carr 


In “The Scene Partner”, Hannah’s newly divorced scene partner Alan has a gift for the gab, but winds up speechless.

Ann Carr in The Actress Season 2



the actress ann carrThe Actress is a series is for anyone who has ever clawed, and scraped and sacrificed for a dream – and for anyone who, while attempting to realize that dream, has awoken in a cold sweat at three in the morning astonished that time has passed SO QUICKLY. It’s a personal journey into the heart of what it means to work hard for a goal that may very well be elusive. And it’s for anyone who, in spite of it all, even when everything seems totally pointless, keeps going. Like a salmon struggling upstream. Or a lemming. The Actress is a long overdue antidote to Entourage. Instead of a successful actor with a big-shot agent, living up the high-life with his buddies in LA, the comedy follows unsigned actress Hannah Kennon, making a go of it on the periphery of NYC’s “industry,” with no real friends or prospects, trying to retain a modicum of self-respect and sanity. And yes, it’s funny. [Read more...]

The Actress – Ann Carr



‘THE ACTRESS’. It’s a new webseries written by and featuring me, Ann Carr. It’s based on my hit one-woman show ‘USE IT’ which ran at UCB New York for nearly a year and also appeared on the UCB LA stage. It garnered a Critics Pick from Time Out New York as well as praise: ON THE MARK: Ann Carr is what most comics aren’t: a fine actor.

I basically created the show, and then the series, out of a need to sort of vomit out my inner angst about being a performer and the business I have to deal with on a daily basis. There would be moments in my life where I realized, ‘yes, I’m miserable/uncomfortable/unhappy right now – but it’s potential material. And that’s a great and exciting thing to comprehend. Because you realize that it’s up to you in the end, not ‘them’.

A lot of people have asked me how we shot the Starbucks scene. [Read more...]