My Life In Haircuts – Elizabeth Bastos

This one was called “Badger Hair”



I came into this world with a fabulous head of straight black hair. It was barely apparent to me; I could focus on no object other than my mother’s breast that was all the time inches from my head. The things I could have done with my hair make me want to bite my knuckle (a breast substitute).


The glory that crowned me was greatly dimmed by my first haircut, in 1975. At that young age I could say some words, including, incredibly, “for the love of God, woman, don’t give me a bowl cut,” but she did anyway. [Read more...]

Ladies of Laughing Skull – Elise, Sara and Jessie

It’s Laughing Skull Festival time! In this series we get to learn more about female comedian competitors in the upcoming Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, March 3-7 in Atlanta. With our third installment: Elise Crocker, Sara Shea and Jessie Geller. 


Describe your comedic style in 3-5 words.
Often awkward and inadvertently irreverent

Describe your driving style in 3-5 words.
Too fast, too furious!

Describe Marshall Chiles (Executive Director of The Laughing Skull Lounge) in 3-5 words.
Daniel Craig if goofy American.

Should we expect period or childbirth jokes in your performance?
Don’t forget abortion and rape jokes…also dating is so hard!   [Read more...]

Funny not Slutty Big Blog Book – Free Download!

 Free 39 page ebook download with the funniest blogs submitted to the FnS Community in 2009. Enjoy, and pass it around!

CLICK HERE to download the Funny not Slutty Blog Book

[Read more...]

Response to Dodge Charger Super Bowl Ad

Response to Dodge Charger Super Bowl Ad written and directed by Abigail Gullo. Camera and Editing by Jesse Ruuttila. With Molly Knefel, Lynne Rosenberg, Abigail Gullo, Katharine Heller and Lauren Seikaly. Music by Klimpter.

From Russia with Love – Katharine Heller

Katharine Heller

Katharine Heller

We came up with the idea for From Russia With Love from all of those awful reality shows that kept popping up about families with multiple children. Especially after the Jon and Kate fiasco, we thought it would be fun to focus on a couple with a ton of kids who say they do the show “for the children” but it’s clearly about them. In our show, the 8 adopted Russian children are represented by Matryoshka nesting dolls. [Read more...]

Slumber Party – Madeline Kahn, Gilda Radner

Sheryl Underwood has a few things to say to you.

Eating some three bean salad…
Funny woman Sheryl Underwood lets loose with this genius comedic monologue.

The Marfa Stewart Show – Keisha Zollar

Funny woman Keisha Zollar is Marfa Stewart, keeping it real as she fixes up some of the best culinary dishes from the projects.

Famous Baby – Kill The Band

Funny Woman Killy Dwyer

Killer Killy Dwyer

KILL THE BAND is the slightly retarded brain child of Killer Killy Dwyer, a comedic performance artist and badass rockstar who left a lucrative career doing commercials for shit you don’t need, to be an overworked and underpaid (though worshipped like Fonzi) performer in NYC’s underground art scene. Formed in the later half of aught 9, KILL THE BAND consists of Killy, Bamboo Silva (beatbox), Mike Milazzo (guitar) and Joe Yoga (bass) and is set to record their first album in February. You can catch them performing all over the NYC with an east coast tour lined up for early April. If you would like to book Killy or KILL THE BAND in your venue or bathroom, please email