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Tracy the Cougar Comedian plays Comedy Gold, at the Landmark in Atlanta this Friday.

Tiger Woods Top 10: Acts of Revenge for Elin


Tiger Woods Elin's Revenge

After recent reports that Elin Nordegren hopes to save her marriage with Tiger Woods, we’re not buying that she’s really ready to forgive and forget. So we asked a few of our funny friends what they would do if they were Elin.

What would you do? Add your answer as a comment below.


Have sex with George Clooney.
- Jacki Schklar


She should get a job as a cocktail waitress, which are mostly what Tiger’s mistresses were, and then she should really put the “cock” and “tail” in cocktail waitress.
- Jessica Delfino


Dye her hair brown.
- Jessica Delfino


Have her do endorsements for Tiger’s woods, using the smallest drivers possible…
- Marsha Morgan  [Read more...]

Face like a Bear's Ass – Dr. Dina Life Coach

Dr. Dina, Cougar Life Coach, dishing out some tough love gone bad in her advice column on Funny not Slutty.

bearded boyfriend
photo by imoto

I keep seeing men with big ass beards lately. I don’t want to date some dude who looks like Abraham Lincoln or Grizzly Adams. Am I being unfair?

I’m with you, sister. I cannot handle the explosion of men with Grandpa Walton long ass beards. Some styles from the 70s should be banned from returning and that includes beards, gauchos and leg warmers. Unfortunately, all three are back and punishing us again.
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