Open Letter to The Creative Group

the creative group staffingThis is an open letter to The Creative Group Denver employees concerning my referral for help with job placement and your screening policies and procedures. The Creative Group, according to your website, “…specialize in placing experienced creative and marketing professionals in rewarding positions with a variety of firms. Our Account Executives are former marketing, advertising and creative professionals who know the business – and your marketplace – and can provide you with just the right talent for your requirements.”

My recent conversation with your company went like this:

The Creative Group Employee #1: What are you doing now?

Me: Contract work.

The Creative Group Employee #1: Oh, this is the wrong division for you. You are supposed to get the contract division, not full time employment.

Instantaneous Transfer to The Creative Group Employee #2

Me: Hi, um, so unless you have a full time job, you cannot get placed with a full time position through The Creative Group?

The Creative Group Employee #2: Correct. “Only the people who are the best at what they do get placed in full time jobs.” Also, because of XYZ, it is “a catch 22” so it would be hard to place you. We’ll see you Friday.

Nice job on the hazing, Creative Group! So what happens at hazing level 2, do you punch me in the face as I walk in the door? [Read more...]