FnS Guest Editor – Marié Lake

marie lake

FnS guest editor is Marié Lake, a well-known performer in stand-up and burlesque shows in Los Angeles, Vegas and San Francisco.  A graduate of the Groundlings, she also appears regularly at Second City, Hollywood as part of their musical improv program.  Her material has been published in the anthology “She’s So Funny” and she headlined the female comedy competition “She’s So Funny” at the SomArts gallery in San Francisco. Lake’s one-woman show, “Trophy Wife and Houseguests” played to sold-out crowds at the Acme Theatre in Hollywood.  L.A. Weekly then dubbed her “… one of the best new comedic actresses around.”  TV credits include Days of Our Lives.  Film credits include the Asian gang drama In 3 Dragons (2008).  Lake is currently co-host with Jeremy Miller (“Growing Pains”) of the web tabloid spoof “Palmdale’s Access Hollywood.” www.youtube.com/pachotv1. You can catch her blog adventures and short films at www.funnyblonde.tv

That Girl UCBcomedy.com
Watch more comedy videos from the twisted minds of the UCB Theatre at UCBcomedy.com

Molly Prather’s one-woman show “That Girl” at the UCB theatre.  She is a sassy bartender talking about drunk strippers and is not only an amazing actress and writer but she manages to be both badass and all-American girl from the OC at the same time.

Cat Nip from Second City Hollywood.  This video, “Then Announcement” starring Rebecca Sage Allen once again has a very wholesome, “very female”beginning that turns to complete twisted sickness. You can catch Cat Nip improvising and sometimes singing live at the Second City Hollywood Studio Theatre and also check out their oh-so 80′s retro music video “We’re Gonna Do It” on Youtube as well.

Speaking of retro, this third pick is a wild card, a female singer and impressionist from the Rat Pack Days, Marilyn Michaels, who I do not think received the fame of her male contemporaries.  Still hot, she can impersonate Elizabeth Taylor and icons from Katherine Hepburn to Barbra Streisand (she did the touring company of “Funny Girl” back in the day).  Enjoy.