Boobs Are Awesome Foundation: Take Back Our Breasts – Elizabeth McQuern


I think this fine film by Elizabeth McQuern and some of the funniest broads in the Chicago area speaks for itself… So what are you going to name your boobs?

Urban Bicycling While Female – Beth Stelling

I’m having my first bout with “editor’s block” since I started FnS in 2008. Pretty sure it’s attributed to working on the new version of the site and not being able to concentrate on the current. After watching 30 minutes of videos that were a complete waste of time, I wrote Elizabeth McQuern who produces awesomeness in the form of shows and videos. She shared this tidbit, which is perfect for us. Thanks, Elizabeth!

I tend to call a lot of the quirky comedy out of Chicago like what Elizabeth McQuern produces, ”alt comedy” but she says not to call it that. So I’ll just call it funny. and @ChUComedy on twitter

The Best Dinosaur – Elizabeth McQuern and Dan Telfer

This is what happens when a dinosaur geek lets loose on a comedy club audience. Elizabeth McQuern co-produced this dynamic video with Dan Telfer and it’s taking off on reddit and Videosift. Elizabeth blogs about it here.