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..from the cutting room floor, too good to delete. Promos for their Frigid Festival shows to come.
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Ann Marie Lindbloom on Whorified Success, “Personal Growth”

Ann Marie Lindbloom

Ann Marie Lindbloom

Ann Marie Lindbloom updates us on her critically acclaimed series, Whorified! The Search for America’s Next Top Whore.  

Since Whorified launched last May lots of cool things have happened.  Firstly, I started getting chin hairs on a regular basis.  You’d think this would bum me out but those suckers are wily and fascinating.  I’ve come to look forward to seeing them.  They spring up over night, they come out of the gate 2 or 3 inches long, and they cling to your face for dear life.  You have to really wrastle with ‘em if you want them gone.  It’s like that game “Operation,” with the bloated, tucked, nude guy whose nose would light up. It takes a very steady hand.  But with the right tweezers I’ll fuck up a follicle (or fish out a funny bone).  I’m hard like that. 

Secondly, we’ve had a lot of doors open because of the show, had some sit downs with production companies big and small.  It was really cool knowing that peeps at companies like Paramount, Sony and RDF USA saw the series and really liked it.  [Read more...]

Tiger Woods Top 10: Acts of Revenge for Elin


Tiger Woods Elin's Revenge

After recent reports that Elin Nordegren hopes to save her marriage with Tiger Woods, we’re not buying that she’s really ready to forgive and forget. So we asked a few of our funny friends what they would do if they were Elin.

What would you do? Add your answer as a comment below.


Have sex with George Clooney.
- Jacki Schklar


She should get a job as a cocktail waitress, which are mostly what Tiger’s mistresses were, and then she should really put the “cock” and “tail” in cocktail waitress.
- Jessica Delfino


Dye her hair brown.
- Jessica Delfino


Have her do endorsements for Tiger’s woods, using the smallest drivers possible…
- Marsha Morgan  [Read more...]

It's a Funny not Slutty World After All

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funny bra

Producers and women in comedy Ruth Selwyn (Tel Aviv), Jane Postlethwaite (Brighton, UK) and Jacki Schklar (Atlanta) discuss making funny videos and interactive content for a female audience. Ruth is creator of the famed Lizzy the Lezzy animations, Jane produces social media content under the guise of StylistBrighton and Jacki is publisher of

Ruth:  Jacki, I have been meaning to ask you, don’t you want to be funny and slutty sometimes?

Jacki:   Excuse me Ruth, but don’t you live in the Holy Land? I did not think you would speak of such things.

Ruth:  Such a typical straight woman, answering a question with a question. I’ll take your obvious evasiveness to mean yes, you would like to be slutty sometimes too. I would too actually, especially if I was tall, blonde and beautiful like Jane – ever thought of showing us your cleavage in a video Jane? [Read more...]

Let's Go Dancing – Megan Grano

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females Interview

Susan Alexander 5 Funny Females

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females

Comedian Susan Alexander hosts and produces 5 Funny Females, a national touring stand-up comedy show with a line-up of the most talented up and coming female comedians in over 10 US cities to sold-out audiences.

You are always on the move. I’m not even sure if you live in NY or CA?
Me neither. I love being on both coasts. Right now I live in NYC but will be heading to California for shows.

You make people thirsty talking about your current beverages in social media. What would you be drinking right now if you could have the drink of your dreams?
Have two drinks that are my all time favorites: Vietnamese iced coffee and Patron on rocks with fresh limes.

You have a little bit of a biting risqué adult comedy thing going on sometimes, delivered with a very non-threatening, genteel demeanor. Did you talk like that before you were a comedian, or is that a developed delivery technique? [Read more...]