10 Things I Love that I can Totally Understand Hating – K A B L O O E Y

10. Anchovies.  Do you know how scientists explain the development of anchovies?  A long time ago, the fishiest tasting fish grew as big as the sun, then collapsed in on itself, to form a super-condensed black hole of ultimate fishiness.

9. Baseball in general, and the Yankees in particular.  Save all your “slower than paint drying” cracks for when you’re tailgating in -14 degree weather at that Bears game.  At least when I watch my team, my eyelashes don’t freeze together.
8. Wes Anderson movies.  It’s true: if you look up “twee” in the dictionary, there’s a picture of Anderson in one of his tight little suits.  But Rushmore was awesome and bears repeat viewing.

7. Scuba diving.  A haiku:

In broiling sun,

sucking air out of a hose,

wearing neoprene.

That’s all true, but you are also flying, weightless, like Nemo but without the mom-murder, helicopter dad and fish napping. [Read more...]