20 Cartoon Characters and What I’m Pretty Sure They Smell Like

by FnS columnist Blythe Jewell

1. Popeye








Occupation: Sailor
Smells like:  Spinach and sweat

2. Papa Smurf








Occupation:  Patriarch
Smells like:  Pipe smoke, porn shops

3.  Gargamel









Occupation: Shitty wizard
Smells like:  Cheap wine, kitty litter

4.  Rainbow Brite








Occupation:  Equestrian/child
Smells like:  Horse manure, Skittles

5.  Alvin and the Chipmunks









Occupation:  Musicians
Smells like:  A crack den, hookers

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Funny not Slutty of the Week – Jackie Williams

Iraqi Jackie

What Funny not Slutty could be more deserving of acknowledgement than our very own U.S. Army Soldier Medic blogger? Iraqi Jackie has been on living it up in the States on leave this week, and she travels back to her deployment in Iraq today. Let’s post some words of encouragement and thanks for serving overseas and sharing her experiences with us!

Jackie’s profile in the Funny not Slutty Community – http://funnynotslutty.ning.com/profile/JacquelineWilliams
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Medics Fixin Shit by Iraqi Jackie


The day’s task was to wash the FLAs. Nevermind that we are in IRAQ and it’s filthy and dusty every day, those damn field ambulances needed a bath! So down to the motorpool we went!

Makeup The Hell – jpmetz

Finally! Makeup tutorials for the pissed off and cynical. Justine shares the ups and downs of her life (mostly downs) as she reproduces the most beautiful and popular current looks. Makeup and life coaching in one The Hell package.

Brown Smokey Friggin Eye

Ke$ha Party Makeup Tutorial [Read more...]