THE DAY THAT WILL LIVE IN INFAMY (mom haircut) – Natalie Wall

by Natalie Wall

hamil hair

I’m so afraid of the day I get the infamous “mom haircut.” But I feel like it is inevitable. After years and years of thankless children/crapped filled diapers/your husband accusing you of a prescription drug addiction you soon find yourself sitting in the chair of your local salon screaming:
“Just cut it off. I’m just too god damn busy with these fucking kids to care about my hair. Just cut it off!”

“Settle down. You don’t want to upset your stomach.”

There is no way out.

It’s the next step in “maternal instinct.” Really, first you have kids, love and cherish them unconditionally, after 15-18 years you send them off to college/prison/Taco Bell, register in some Zumba classes and then cut off your hair because “it just gets too sweaty when I’m shaking my thang!”

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FnS News – Pizza and Wings and Chocolate Chip Cookies Edition

FnS Publisher, Jacki Schklar

by Jacki Schklar

Let’s start a new thing, shall we? It will be full of new stuff, like FnS happenings and fellow Funny not Sluttie’s upcoming events and recent accomplishments and latest gossip. But not your current weight loss spreadsheets, ok? I don’t want to hear anything about what you ate today unless it’s something yummy and fattening. I know it’s like a trend to become accountable through pathetic cries for attention social media posting your fucking diet lifestyle change and all.  But I’d rather have cybersex with this guy than read your calorie and fiber intake counts for the week on Facebook.


I was a part of another “first” recently, as the premiere Saturday Interview on Love in the Dumps.   That’s correct. A site for dysfunctional daters has chosen me as their flagship interview.  I talk about a topic I’m an expert on, which is meeting strange men on the internet. Rebound Rick, Sci-Fi Guy, and who can forget the Fur Trooper? Read and learn.

Iraqi Jackie

Iraqi Jackie

Everybody loves Iraqi Jackie, our favorite blogging U.S. soldier! I have some great news about Jackie! She has just returned home safe and sound after over a year of service overseas. This was her 2nd tour of duty. Let’s give her a great big virtual welcome home hug and thank you, shall we?

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