Maria Bamford in The New You!

Comedian Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford

Comedian Maria Bamford on Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Maria shares, “This character portrayal is based on who I’d be if I still lived with my parents.”

Iraqi Army VS Iraqi Police – Iraqi Jackie

My name is Jackie Williams. I was raised in Davenport, Iowa. After high school I joined the Army. I went some places, did some stuff, and met some people. I’m still doing all those things. I like kitty cats, black mascara, flip flops and Mexican food. Also, the color red.

Iraqi Jackie

Iraqi Jackie

The Iraqi Army is, of course, shortened to “IA” and the Iraqi Police is shortened to “IP” because this is the Army and we like to turn everything we can into either an abbreviation or an acronym. That being said…
Iraqi Jackie
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Sheryl Underwood has a few things to say to you.

Eating some three bean salad…
Funny woman Sheryl Underwood lets loose with this genius comedic monologue.