Rapists, Please Wrap it Up…

I’ve been getting increasingly antsy about the issue of Women’s Reproductive Rights lately.  I’m in no way a political comedian, but I was feeling so fed up about this one issue that I felt I couldn’t not touch on it either with my stand up or a video.  Here in the comedy community we’ve had this major dialogue in the past few months about what’s okay to say and what’s not okay to say in comedy, which is really a never ending dialogue, but was recently made specific to the topic of “rape” after the Daniel Tosh “scandel.”  Meanwhile the people we trust with actual real life legislation relevant to our rights as vagina owners have been making some pretty inept commentary.  It’s not that I think men can’t make laws relating to Women’s Health, but I think if you’ve been charged with a decision that doesn’t directly affect your person, then you at the very least should show up to the table informed.  This video is not the place to get informed, but it’s funny and features some pretty women. Please spread the word to any rapists you may know personally or anyone you suspect of rapey behavior…you know, like your weird Cousin Steve…

- Annie Solstad Laferriere,  3rdWheelComedy.com

A Special Message from Ann Romney

New York based comedian Sharon Jamilkowski mainly focuses on character driven comedy, however she’s always been interested in politics ever since her short stint as a Capitol Hill summer intern as a teen. With the upcoming election, she decided to tackle some political humor with this short message from Ann Romney.

“Hey There Funny Not Sluttees- Thanks for watching my videos. With all the political campaign commercials, I hope this one will give you a giggle. For more of my videos check out my comedy face blog www.facetimewithsharon.com and get updates up coming performances at www.sharonjamilkowski.com! Cheers, Sharon Jamilkowski

What’s With The Weather? Absurdity Today! with Julianna Forlano

Julianna ForlanoJulianna Forlano is the host and head writer of The Forlano Factor, the Satirical News Parody show with a powerful point of view and a sharp tongue.
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Lil’ Senator – Chelsea Devantez

Lil’ Senator from Devantez on Vimeo.

“I originally wrote and performed the Lil’ Senator song for the Holy Fuck Comedy Hour at The Annoyance Theater in Chicago this past fall. My friend, Steven Aleck (House of Gunsword Productions), offered to direct a music video for it and we were off! I’m an actor at The Second City in Chicago and the music video features two other actors from Second City — John Thibodeaux and Kellen Alexander, as well as iO (improv olympic) comedians Kevin Reader and Kevin Walsh. We were able to shoot the video in a half day on a zero dollar budget, which was pretty sweet!”
- Chelsea Devantez

Michele Bachmann Prays it Away – Gabrielle Birchak

Michele Bachmann (Gabrielle Birchak) explains why she prayed the “Democrat” away.

When I was younger, I took a break from acting and performing to study Physics in college. The more I read about the scientific revolution of the 1700s, the more I became intrigued with the American Enlightenment of the 1800s. Reading the works of the great thinkers of that time, giving highest props to Thomas Jefferson, truly edified me to understand the foundation to the Declaration of Independence. Of course, as an actress and comedian, I could not stop that voice in the back of my head that kept asking, “What’s funny about this?” The more I read the works of America’s founding fathers, the more I began to see the three-ring-circus that currently controls America’s political landscape. The government’s hypocrisies, the flippancy, and the lack of dedication – it is all so obvious. That is why I cannot help but joke about politics!

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Hippie Chick for President – Mara Herron

Vote Hippie Chick 2012 and party with the party, party.

Sponsored by Mara Herron (performance), Anya Garrett (video), Brad Steuernagel (support), Josh Walker (theme).

Mara Herron has been featured in the Kings of Leon music video, “Four Kicks,” starred in a Trojan condom web commercial, heard on Sirius Radio, and performed in the Boston Comedy Festival.

Victoria Jackson Does New York – Annie Solstad

Victoria Jackson is emulating her one of favorite women in politics, Sarah Palin, and doing a tour that is not REALLY her running anything…Just touring important American landmarks in a bus that has her name really big across it and the American flag meeting her voters fans all across the nation! Naturally, she decided to go to the most Gay, ethnic and liberal city in the world, New York!

Annie Solstad is a NY based comedic actress and stand-up comedian.  She writes and acts in the web series 3rd Wheel which she co-created with her best friend Jeffrey James Binney and fiance Kevin Laferriere. You can find 3rd Wheel – The Web Series and videos of Annie’s other comedic work at 3rdWheelComedy.com.

Victoria Jackson for President on Funny not Slutty

 Victoria Jackson for President on Funny not Slutty

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Gabby’s Promotional Water Bottles – Gabrielle Birchak

Hi, I am Gabrielle Birchak. I’m an award-winning comedic pundit and comedian. Years ago, I had the incredible opportunity to report for Project Breakout at the Democratic National Convention in Denver, CO. While I was there, interviewing anything that moved, there was a man giving away these promotional water bottles. He called them “Obama in a Bottle.” There inside of these water bottles, was an Obama doll, Obama stickers, Obama gum, and more. It was very clever! If Obama were to see it, I’m sure even he would say, “That is a fine promotional water bottle!”

Well, shortly after the DNC, as my career was gaining steam, I hit a bump in the road. Two events changed my life. Doctors diagnosed my son with a disability and Joaquin Phoenix supposedly quit acting to become a hip-hop artist. The situation of the former event allowed me to speak about the latter very passionately. Crying was easy for me. In fact, I could effortlessly fill up an entire water bottle with my tears. Hence, I made a video announcing my departure from politics utilizing my tears and Joaquin.

Thanks to the help of many aids, teachers and doctors, my son is doing MUCH better! As such, I’m now getting back in the studio. However, those water bottles that I saw in Denver still called to me. So, I got this idea. Instead of doing my V-Blabs, I would do Entertainment E-Blabs. For my first video, I planned to talk about Joaquin Phoenix, and then endorse my own promotional water bottles called “Joaquin in a Bottle.” The taping begins well, as you can see. However, I choke up whenever I have to say Joaquin’s name. I never finished the video, which I guess is a good thing considering that I couldn’t find any bearded Joaquin dolls for my promotional water bottles. Honestly, as religion is for some, entertainment news is just too personal for me. I think I should just stick to politics. The sad part is that I now have 1,500 promotional water bottles that say “Joaquin in a Bottle” that I don’t know what to do with.

Gabrielle Birchak loves comedy writing, sketch writing, political punditry, Girl Scout Cookies and Chianti wine … all at once.
For a little fun, visit her at www.GabrielleBirchak.com – it’s like a party in your computer.