Rapists, Please Wrap it Up…

I’ve been getting increasingly antsy about the issue of Women’s Reproductive Rights lately.  I’m in no way a political comedian, but I was feeling so fed up about this one issue that I felt I couldn’t not touch on it either with my stand up or a video.  Here in the comedy community we’ve had this major dialogue in the past few months about what’s okay to say and what’s not okay to say in comedy, which is really a never ending dialogue, but was recently made specific to the topic of “rape” after the Daniel Tosh “scandel.”  Meanwhile the people we trust with actual real life legislation relevant to our rights as vagina owners have been making some pretty inept commentary.  It’s not that I think men can’t make laws relating to Women’s Health, but I think if you’ve been charged with a decision that doesn’t directly affect your person, then you at the very least should show up to the table informed.  This video is not the place to get informed, but it’s funny and features some pretty women. Please spread the word to any rapists you may know personally or anyone you suspect of rapey behavior…you know, like your weird Cousin Steve…

- Annie Solstad Laferriere,  3rdWheelComedy.com

Lindsay Lohan had company while she was in jail…

our friend Lizzy!!

All she wanted to do was show off her vajazzled vag!

See Lizzy’s escapades from the start:

Lizzy the Lezzy is Available…on Sundance


SundanceChannel.com has just released five new animated shorts in honor of Pride month. They feature our favorite sassy, animated, lesbian stand-up comic “Lizzy the Lezzy”:

Lizzy shares her thoughts about love, lust, and homosexuality. Lizzy’s earlier shorts have been collectively viewed online over 3.4 million times.

Lizzy is currently available on Sundance’s website till the end of this month in celebration of Gay Pride


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