Debt Collectors 101: The FDCA

“It’s the first of the month, so you know what that means: time to pay your bills! We’re the creative team behind Debt Collectors, a new web series and parody of cop shows that follows the officers of the Federal Debt Collection Agency as they work to incarcerate debt offenders. Ladies of FunnyNotSlutty, don’t let this happen to you!”

Christina T.A. Martin
Writer/Creator of Debt Collectors

The Newlymovedins – Who the hell are these people?

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The Chelsea Girl (1943) Episode One – Lucia Brizzi

It’s New York City, it’s 1943, and Lucia Brizzi is a thoroughly modern woman. If only she can only escape the stranglehold of her domineering father, drunken mother, and pathetic bore of an ex-fiancé. All changes when she meets her match, her sworn enemy turned accidental lover, misogynistic newspaperman John Powell. This battle of the sexes nods to classic Screwball Rom Coms, satirizing antiquated ideas about sexuality that still resonate today.

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The Actress – The Scene Partner

the actress ann carr 


In “The Scene Partner”, Hannah’s newly divorced scene partner Alan has a gift for the gab, but winds up speechless.



Revenge italianoThis summer a theater reviewer wrote in in the Boston Globe,  “Lucia Brizzi struggles with how passionate Italian women act.” So I made a video where I knock her off.  Then my boyfriend/ director turned out to be, how do I say this, a pussy, so I knocked him off. And so Revenge Italiano was born!

Set at my family’s restaurant in historic Borem Hill, I’ve created my own brand of slapstick, silent film era videography, pulling stylistically from ‘Raging Bull,’ celebrating New York, and allowing me to wear funny things and yell out of windows.

A lot of people ask me who Mike Toro, the mafia don of the series, is to my character. I describe him as a father/ husband and revel in the discomfort created by that confusion. After all, in the 1920’s who could tell the difference? [Read more...]

Ted and Gracie Save the Date – Jena Friedman


The Newark Times is doing an intimate portrait of couples planning their wedding during a recession:

“I’ve always been interested in serial killers, but could never wrap my head around the type of women who dated/married them… Ted Bundy got married while he was on trial and then proceeded to have a child with a woman who left him 8 years later…once she realized he was ‘guilty’. What I wouldn’t give to get inside her head! This series hopes to explore that…”

- Jena Friedman