Susan Alexander’s great new Comedy Time set!

Susan Alexander 5 Funny Females
Susan  knows best when it comes to looking for love and happiness…

Iliza Shlesinger at Laugh Factory, and contest for tickets!

Video from Laugh Factory, and visit Joy Barr’s contest on her FnS Comedy Network profile to “guess the comedian” for tickets! -

Iliza Shlesinger and her dog Blanche reenact the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA Commercial at the Laugh Factory’s 2010 Halloween weekend in Hollywood, CA. See more exclusive videos of Iliza at

Jeanne Robertson – Don’t go rafting without a Baptist

Humorist and professional speaker (with a gazillion speaking awards) Jeanne Robertson is a bad-mitton player, maybe, but not exactly an “outdoorsman”. But that did not stop her from going on an 8 day white water rafting trip in the Colorado River…

Caroline Rhea – Funny Girls

This Bravo series on Hulu is adorable, and so is Caroline Rhea when she cracks herself up…

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Funny. It’s what’s for dinner. – Laura Mannino


What Do You Want For Dinner? Ring of Hell
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Laura Mannino shares the one requirement of marriage.

Aparna Nancherla – Infant Labor

New Sexy Victoria Secret Ad

This one was sent in by our graphic designer Lakia Ross…Lane Bryant may employ plus-sized lingerie models, but Victoria Secret knows how how a woman should really look.

From Landline TV, starring Adrianna Femur. Voice by Nicole Shabtai. Shot by Noah Yuan-Vogel.

Funny not Slutty of the Week – Scout Durwood


Scout Durwood is an NYC based actor and comedienne. She is a former Miss America title holder, a stand-up comic, a burlesquer, and can wiggle her ears and hula hoop… at the same time. From rollerdancing to Shakespeare, Scout is a veritable one woman variety show.
Scout’s profile on Funny not Slutty:

Kathleen Madigan Video – Drunken Law

Footastic Theatre – 24

This is an episode of our funny little original web series, Footastic Theatre. Funny not Slutty Original Productions have been featured by Funny or Die,, and Internet Video Magazine.

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Produced and Edited by Jacki Schklar
Written by Craig Zeiss
Director of Photography Alex Gardener
Kiefer – Craig Zeiss
Office Cutie – Sarah Thomas
Office Hottie – Dominick Racano