Absurdity Today! ~ Julianna Forlano


Absurdity Today! the independent news parody series hosted by Julianna Forlano is back with a new season of informative news bulletins.

J.P. Morgan’s plundering history and the reason why Doritos stock might be up. [Read more...]

4 (More) Web Series to Watch – Party Girl Edition

drunk girls in heels

‘Tis the season! Here are four more web series that were submitted in 2013, all with episodes about partying. To submit your series, email FnS publisher Jacki Schklar with “FnS web series” in the subject line.

Drunk Girls In Heels

Drunk Girls In Heels is a fabulous web series, and also a live show (playing Dec. 5 and 19 in NY). In ep Day Drink Jen is worried about drinking and accomplishing her to do list, but the gals teach her that partying is no hindrance to everyday activities.

Good Intentions

Cynthia had a rough day, so Carmen tries to make her the perfect “bad day cure” drink…with Good Intentions, of course.

Bad Nannies [Read more...]

4 Funny Female-Centric Web Series to Watch – Besties Edition

4 funny web series

You may remember the post 4 Funny Female-Centric Web Series to Watch from last November. Well I hope you are ready for more! Here are 4 more web series sent in by show producers and publicists. These are are 4 of my favorites, I think you will like them, too.

Brunch on Sundays

Brunch on Sundays was submitted by series Writer/Producer/Actor Shira Weitz. Set in Brooklyn every Sunday, a distressed Charlie reveals her ‘sexscapades’ over brunch, her tales enhanced by quirky flashbacks of how they went awry. Charlie’s live-now-ask-questions-later mentality often leaves her with the short end of the stick, but her unwavering confidence keeps her hilarious.



Jenny and Meagan sent this their funnny (with 3 n’s) sketch comedy series Roomsies about two roommates who do weird stuff in their apartment. That pretty much sums it up.


Margot & Marie [Read more...]

4 Funny Female-Centric Web Series to Watch

One of the awesomest things about publishing FnS is that the funny often comes to me. We have recently had several web series sent in by show producers and publicists. Here are 4 of my favorites, I think you will like them, too.

words with girls series

Words With Girls

Brittani Nichols, the creator of Words With Girls submitted a comedy web series featuring herself and Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame.  This mostly scripted but part-improv comedy webseries focuses on 20-somethings in Los Angeles. When they’re not busy navigating “the scene” or jumpstarting their careers, these women do what the young, gifted and bored do best: shoot the shit.


Webisoder at Lively Productions, Elaine White,  submitted Blogologues. The series concept is performing material found on the internet. They just happened to have re-inacted one of my all-time favorite humor posts on the planet, It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf**kers from McSweeney’s. I hope they will pick a FnS post soon. I think Open Letter to The Creative Group would be fabulous (subtle hint). [Read more...]

Funny not Slutties Support “Romantic Encounters” with Melinda Hill

Special message to FnS viewers from Melinda Hill, who I was fortunate enough to meet during my visit to LA last month. She has a special link share opportunity for Funny not Slutties!

melinda hill comedian

Hello FnS viewers, I’m Melinda Hill. Romantic Encounters is a web series that chronicles botched attempts at landing a soulmate based on my stand up. If you could be so kind as to donate to our Kickstarter and promote it in your blogs I will promote your blogs on my website www.melindahill.com. Thanks for your support! xMelinda

[Read more...]

3rd Wheel: The Web Series – Family Meal


Annie Solstad, Jeffrey James and Binney Kevin Laferriere are 3rd Wheel Comedy. 3rd Wheel: The Web Series follows three twenty-something’s living together in NYC. Annie, the sloppy unorganized woman of the house…Kevin, the ultra-domestic, dim-witted, and overly sentimental boyfriend…and Jeffrey, the gay, sarcastic, and hygienically anal-retentive best friend. Their newest episode, Family Meal, shows what happens when Kevin’s unruly family members come to dinner and features Katie Laferriere and Stephen Laferriere.

Ann Carr in The Actress Season 2



the actress ann carrThe Actress is a series is for anyone who has ever clawed, and scraped and sacrificed for a dream – and for anyone who, while attempting to realize that dream, has awoken in a cold sweat at three in the morning astonished that time has passed SO QUICKLY. It’s a personal journey into the heart of what it means to work hard for a goal that may very well be elusive. And it’s for anyone who, in spite of it all, even when everything seems totally pointless, keeps going. Like a salmon struggling upstream. Or a lemming. The Actress is a long overdue antidote to Entourage. Instead of a successful actor with a big-shot agent, living up the high-life with his buddies in LA, the comedy follows unsigned actress Hannah Kennon, making a go of it on the periphery of NYC’s “industry,” with no real friends or prospects, trying to retain a modicum of self-respect and sanity. And yes, it’s funny. [Read more...]

Ted & Gracie: The Wedding Planner


New Ted & Gracie ep right off the press. June really IS for brides!

If you missed it, Jena Friedman told us about her motivation for the series with the last ep here.

Interview with Filmmaker Anne Flournoy – The Louise Log

The Louise Log is a dark, funny, weird yet relatable web series about a woman, her life, her men, and her inner voice. The series has recently gained attention as a topic of interest for Roger Ebert on this twitter page. Producer and writer of the series, Anne Flournoy, is no stranger to getting attention and accolades for her works in video. Her first film, Louise Smells A Rat was invited to be in the New York Film Festival. Variety called her third short Nadja Yet “a nine-minute showstopper”. Anne has shared insights about her series in this FnS interview.

All of your video projects focus on the inner consciousness. Is that your “thing”?

The ‘unseen’ is one of my burning interests– that and the discrepancy between what appears to be and what is.  

It may not be true for people in their teens and 20′s today who seem very at ease being ‘transparent’, but when I was growing up we were trained in wearing a mask, sort of like an emotional Sunday Best.  That makes for a lot of conflict but a rich inner life.

Much of The Louise Log is unpredictable, and even irrelevant. Is this symbolic, or is it written as a stream of consciousness, as the narrative sounds?

We’re talking about the voiceover here, right?  The voiceover is sort of the secret weapon of The Louise Log.  It started out as a way to salvage a first episode which looked pretty and had great music but which needed something more.  Years ago a friend who’d taken a class in graduate school with Emir Kusturica learned about (and passed on to me) the marvel of ‘the third thing’.  If a scene isn’t working, say between a man and a woman, add an angry cat.  Etc.  I’d seen and been haunted by a wonderful Godard film Two or Three Things I Know About Her.  No matter how many times I watched it, I couldn’t seem to grasp it.  I’ve probably seen that film more than any other and it has an extended whispered voice-over.  

So getting around to answer your question, usually, the voice-over gets added after the picture is cut as a way to make sense of the ‘action’ and sometimes to fill in essential information that isn’t in the picture.   There’s a temptation for the VO to just react to the action but this seems to be less successful than if the voice-over has a ‘theme’ of its own– and often one which wasn’t even considered in the shooting script.   In Season 2, my co-writer Sandra Vannucchi was more careful about making sure the VO was written in but even so, sometimes it changes in the editing.  The VO does a balancing act of doing a lot of jobs.  If it sounds like a natural stream of consciousness, I’m happy.  

So which came first? Louise’s loss of attraction to her husband, or her neurosis about her relationship with him? What is the origin of her “frustrated ego”? [Read more...]

Funny not Slutty Interview – Robyn Schall


Kim Kardashian meets Fran Drescher meets Lucille Ball…It’s Robyn Schall in Not The Sharpest Crayon. Robyn took a moment to let us know a little more about her life and her funny new series.

I have a feeling that the description of your character is a little autobiographical. What are the similarities, and the differences between you and your NTSC character?

Yes, the character “Robyn Schall” and “the real Robyn Schall” have a lot in common.  When I first started doing stand up, from day one, I wasn’t one to be able to tell jokes. So I got up there and told stories about the crazy situations I get myself into with jobs or boys or family. It worked.  As time went on, I found myself doing an exaggerated character of myself on stage and it added to the “funny.”  Everything about the character are all traits I have, just times 10.  The biggest thing we have in common is that whatever crazy situation is put infront of us we roll with it because anything awkward will always be funny the next day!  The biggest difference is I’m not THAT clueless… well at least not most of the time.

Your brother, Richard Schall, who works with you on the series was in game show casting? What is it like to work with your brother producing adult comedy content? [Read more...]