Maria Bamford in The New You!

Comedian Maria Bamford

Maria Bamford

Comedian Maria Bamford on Tim and Eric Awesome Show. Maria shares, “This character portrayal is based on who I’d be if I still lived with my parents.”

Camille Harris on The Muffin Man

Funny Woman Camille Harris

I wrote Muffin Man when I was singing to my dog a while back, and then it kind of morphed into the song that I have now. I also wrote a musical called Muffin Man and it was just in the New York International Fringe Festival.
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John and Molly Get Along – Molly Knefel

Female Comedian Molly Knefel

Molly Knefel


My brother and I started John and Molly Get Along last summer, but it was basically 23 years in the making (me being 23 years old).  He and I have both done improv, sketch, and stand-up for years, but we decided to collaborate since making fun of each other was what usually made us laugh the hardest.  We teamed up with our friend Jesse Ruuttila, who is a video editor, and between the three of us we write, film, and edit each new episode and premere them at our monthly show (also called John and Molly Get Along, the last Wendesday of each month at LPR in the Village). [Read more...]

Laverne & Shirley Show Opening

I married someone who was very funny, Rob Reiner, and we had people over all the time — Albert Brooks, Jim Brooks, all the Brookses. They didn’t want to hear from girls. God, no. Once in a while, I could shoot a line out from the kitchen. ”

FnS Interviews Groupthink Research Market Group
And now a REAL interview with comedic web series creators Angela Espinosa and Wendy Rosoff of Groupthink:

JS: Why base your series around a Marketing agency?
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The Gift: Tales from Brokenoggin Falls

Werewolf Detective Janice Thinksalot has a lot of boobies to check and penises to find…
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