My Life In Haircuts – Elizabeth Bastos

This one was called “Badger Hair”



I came into this world with a fabulous head of straight black hair. It was barely apparent to me; I could focus on no object other than my mother’s breast that was all the time inches from my head. The things I could have done with my hair make me want to bite my knuckle (a breast substitute).


The glory that crowned me was greatly dimmed by my first haircut, in 1975. At that young age I could say some words, including, incredibly, “for the love of God, woman, don’t give me a bowl cut,” but she did anyway. [Read more...]

Laughing Skull Kicks It all the Way Off – Jacki Schklar


Laughing Skull Comedy Festival Kick-Off at Clermont Lounge

Laughing Skull Comedy Festival participants let loose on The Clermont Lounge last night for their official Kick-Off Party. For those who do not know, as I didn’t, The Clermont is a dive bar with the reputation for being “the place where strippers go to die”. There were limitations on what I could shoot in the club because of house rules. And well, because some things are better left to your imagination. 

Mia Jackson and Josh Harris

Mia Jackson and Josh Harris

I asked Mia Jackson (Atlanta) what she thought of the party locale. “Interesting place to be networking, around old titties and breasteses. I’m used to a breast free environment. My asthma is acting up with all the smoke, and I think old lopsided breasts must be an allergen.” [Read more...]

Top 10 Reasons to Vajazzle Your Vaj!

Top 10 Reasons to Vajazzle Your Vaj!

Top 10 Reasons to Vajazzle Your Vaj on Funny not Slutty!

Jennifer Love Hewitt shared her love for vajazzling on Lopez Tonight and now everyone wonders if vajazzling is for them. Two writers who have established their authority on vajazzled vajayjays here and here have come together on Funny not Slutty with the authoritative list of reasons to vajazzle! Where else but on FnS would Ruth Selwyn of Lizzy the Lezzy animated Lesbian standup fame and Bryce Gruber, Born again Virgin Editor of The Luxury Spot come together for you?  

  [Read more...]

Ann Marie Lindbloom on Whorified Success, “Personal Growth”

Ann Marie Lindbloom

Ann Marie Lindbloom

Ann Marie Lindbloom updates us on her critically acclaimed series, Whorified! The Search for America’s Next Top Whore.  

Since Whorified launched last May lots of cool things have happened.  Firstly, I started getting chin hairs on a regular basis.  You’d think this would bum me out but those suckers are wily and fascinating.  I’ve come to look forward to seeing them.  They spring up over night, they come out of the gate 2 or 3 inches long, and they cling to your face for dear life.  You have to really wrastle with ‘em if you want them gone.  It’s like that game “Operation,” with the bloated, tucked, nude guy whose nose would light up. It takes a very steady hand.  But with the right tweezers I’ll fuck up a follicle (or fish out a funny bone).  I’m hard like that. 

Secondly, we’ve had a lot of doors open because of the show, had some sit downs with production companies big and small.  It was really cool knowing that peeps at companies like Paramount, Sony and RDF USA saw the series and really liked it.  [Read more...]

Slumber Party – Madeline Kahn, Gilda Radner

Sheryl Underwood has a few things to say to you.

Eating some three bean salad…
Funny woman Sheryl Underwood lets loose with this genius comedic monologue.