John and Molly Get Along : The Date – Molly Knefel


We wrote this episode collaboratively with comedian Jared Logan, who stars as my date after my brother signs me up for as a joke.  Jared has a lot of material about growing up surrounded by really, really Christian people, and he plays the character of an over-earnest, slightly creepy, super-Christian weirdo like a natural.  It was impossible for me to keep a straight face during filming.  This episode is also the first one to play on how much John and I look alike, when a guy I slept with the night before (played by comedian Dan St. Germain) wakes up at our place and thinks that John is me. 

Molly Knefel is a stand-up comic and writer living in Brooklyn.  She co-writes and co-stars in a web series with her brother called John and Molly Get Along, which can be found at