When Celebs Suck – Snooki…this is it.

Snooki_in_Chicago.jpg: Jeff Lewis (chicagophotoshop.com) derivative work: Tabercil This is it, folks. The end times are nigh. Get your survival gear together and kiss the internet and Easy Mac goodbye.

Snooki is pregnant.

I’m certain I’ll find something about this in the book of Revelations if I just look hard enough.

Sure, the pregnancy is only being spoken of in (extremely loud) whispers so far. Reportedly, everyone’s favorite meatball has promised Us Weekly exclusive rights to break the story. Oh Us Weekly, you bastion of hard-hitting journalism. I’m sure the execs at MTV are simultaneously crapping themselves and marveling at the even larger-than-usual dollar signs flashing before their eyes. Sure, the girl is known for her partying skillz (so epic they warrant a “z” at the end), but she’s also known for being kind of a slowpoke in the brains department. [Read more...]

Jersey Shore Etiquette: A PSA – Melissa Larson

By Melissa Larson

From one New Jersey beach and boardwalk lover to another, I’ve put together a Public Service Announcement for my fellow Jersey Shore goers.  These are my top ten suggestions to help us all—families, young people, old people, Bennies, and natives—to get along as we share these precious few months of summer bliss. 

People who stalk the Jersey Shore cast in Seaside Heights:  I don’t need to be shoved by roided-up security guards when I’m trying to take my run down the boardwalk, just so you can follow Snooki and Ronnie and Dip-Dip with your camera phones.  They are not the Beatles.  They are people who’ve been rewarded for behaving badly, and look at you, pumping in more quarters.  There are times in life when you are a part of the problem and not the solution.  This is one of them. [Read more...]