Ladies of Laughing Skull – Elise, Sara and Jessie

It’s Laughing Skull Festival time! In this series we get to learn more about female comedian competitors in the upcoming Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, March 3-7 in Atlanta. With our third installment: Elise Crocker, Sara Shea and Jessie Geller. 


Describe your comedic style in 3-5 words.
Often awkward and inadvertently irreverent

Describe your driving style in 3-5 words.
Too fast, too furious!

Describe Marshall Chiles (Executive Director of The Laughing Skull Lounge) in 3-5 words.
Daniel Craig if goofy American.

Should we expect period or childbirth jokes in your performance?
Don’t forget abortion and rape jokes…also dating is so hard!   [Read more...]