Kimberly McBride: RAW IMPRESSION


Kimberly McBride

This interview with PunkWeb filmmaker Kimberly McBride was published on the old FnS site in July of 2008 and Kim was my first audio interview. There is no intro because I was just recording our conversation to write up later. But the real audio as too interesting to pass up so Kim gave me permission to upload it. Audio player is below:

JS: What you do is not necessarily parody, and it’s not always comedic. How do you categorize it?

KM: Homage in art. And I try to make it semi-funny, though it’s challenging sometimes working alone with no instant feedback. I do everything from the idea, to the set design, the makeup, the acting, the directing, and the editing. My solo work is a bizarre process. Working with other people is much more fun…I put my soul into my homage work. [Read more...]

80s High – Kimberly McBride

“I love interpreting the eighties via video because the eighties was video and it was a very nuevo riche time.  Easily compared to the roaring twenties; the twenties had Gatsby, the eightes had Gekko.
John Hughes really loved using the whole, “other side of the tracks,” concept to show this desire, this need for money, this Reagan freak show of teens…all they ever talked about in his movies was what side of the tracks a person came from, it was hilarious to me.  And James Spader really drove the concept home, in my opinion…” [Read more...]

Keeping up with the Kardashians – Kimberly McBride

 Kimberly McBride

“Making this video was so much fun, and it’s the first time I used green screen.
I always love playing men, but this was so fun because there’s such a contrast of looks being Scott Disick, Kris Jenner and Kim Kardashian.
Wow it was fun!  Can’t wait to do more as the whole cast of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”
- Kimberly McBride

Celebrity Ghost Stories: Annette Bening – Kimberly McBride

 Elin Woods' Nike Ad by Kimberly McBride


Kimberly McBride has done it again as Annette Bening with her own Celebrity Ghost Story. This time Kim had some help from our friend Ian Renga. Kim writes:

Yesterday, Ian came over to document and help shoot Meet, when he arrived, I thought, the first time working together, maybe we should do something silly. [Read more...]

Kimberly McBride – Courtney Love on Pop!Now 1994