Ryan Gosling in Drive – Kristen Carney






by Kristen Carney


A woman is suing the movie Drive for not living up to its trailer. She said that based off of the trailer, she expected it to be more like the movie Fast and the Furious. Personally, I’d sue a movie for being like Fast and Furious. If she wanted Drive to be like Fast and the Furious, I have some serious questions about her mental state and also if she has anything other than Ed Hardy in her wardrobe.

I will, however, agree that Drive was kind of boring. I get that whole “artsy, hipster” thing it had going on. But, if I hadn’t drank coffee before, I probably wouldn’t have made it past the first seen with Carrie Mulligan and her gangster hoop earrings.

Save yourself $12 and watch as I reenact the whole movie, with my best Ryan Gosling face and all.