Jen Kirkman – Getting Fat

Jen Kirkman, please never lose weight.

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Natasha Leggero at Laugh Factory – LA Gangs

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Laugh Factory Fresh Faces Competition

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Help discover the future of comedy, and laugh while you’re at it!

The Laugh Factory is on the hunt for their NEXT BIG STAR and they need YOUR HELP! They have hand-crafted the hottest line up of young comics−some you may know and some you may not−but they are the Laugh Factory’s pick to be the next big thing. They are FRESH FACES! Join the Laugh Factory, Hollywood, the first Wednesday of every month at 10PM to witness their climb to stardom. Visit to watch these FRESH FACES sets, then VOTE for your favorite FRESH FACE to ensure they come back the following month!

You can vote for in the current Fresh Faces competition –
Let’s vote for the chick comic Mary Patterson Broome

The following is a past FRESH FACES competitor, Melissa Villasenor:

Iliza Shlesinger at Laugh Factory, and contest for tickets!

Video from Laugh Factory, and visit Joy Barr’s contest on her FnS Comedy Network profile to “guess the comedian” for tickets! -

Iliza Shlesinger and her dog Blanche reenact the Sarah McLachlan ASPCA Commercial at the Laugh Factory’s 2010 Halloween weekend in Hollywood, CA. See more exclusive videos of Iliza at

Ester Steinberg at Laugh Factory

Thanks, Joy Barr, from Laugh Factory for the video submission!

Christina Pazsitsky – TLC


“The Laugh Factory recently had a Ladies of Chelsea Lately takeover and I thought the Funny Not Slutty audience would enjoy some of these clips. Christina Pazsitsky took the stage to discuss her love of The Learning Channel and it’s bevy of freak show programming. In addition to Chelsea Lately, Christina is a two time Last Comic Standing finalist, cartoon voice actor, and even a former Road Rules cast member.”

Joy Barr
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Debi Gutierrez – Men vs. Women

Rite Aid – Natasha Leggero at The Laugh Factory

Natasha’s website and podcast: