Romney Obamaloney Baloney with Miss Holly Hope For President

As I am sure you remember, Miss Holly Hope is runnin’ for President. Hope believes in runnin’ a clean campaign. Here is a video with her advice on runnin’ a clean campaign in light of Mitt Romney’s recently makin’ up a not-so-nice word “Obamaloney”.

Miss Holly Hope for President

Hey FnS community! Miss Holly Hope here. I would love to receive your support in my journey of runnin’ for President! President? I know there’s likely a lotta questions, so I got answers. How’s the campaign for President goin’? Well, I’m I am findin’ it challengin’ to be a beacon of hope and light when there is so much negativity in this race for President that I’m runnin’ for, so much so that I’m about 2 inches in my mind from buildin’ a time machine to leave for the future, like 200 years from now. But that’s no good. Gotta stay and work it out and plow through the poo. Someone while I was out politicin’ the other day actually gave me dirty looks – I won’t name names – but it was someone on another candidate’s team. It’s really amazin’ what’s out there when ya start gettin’ into it. I’m gonna stick to the streets and findin’ people that love and support my message and by goodness we will make a difference together. I would love to have a bunch of Funny Not Slutty ladies on my team helpin’ promote love and peace and simply not givin’ in to the nasty, negative side of politics. I’d love for y’all to join my mission for peace and love and of course for me bein’ President! [Read more...]