Anti-Mommy Baby Purse

funny anti mommy purse

Amy Vansant is The Anti-Mommy. Writer, blogger (, professional nerd, and shameless Labradoodle mommy. Amy is probably at a restaurant drinking wine as you are reading this right now.

I know how Mother Theresa must have felt. Sometimes, when you see a need – nay, an injustice - you just have to do something about it.

I am tired of watching people schlub along with their babies strapped to them like so much extra ammo. You can take a perfectly fine looking woman, hang a kid in a sack on her, and *poof!* — she is instantly transformed into a 1900s Polish potato picker.  Sling it to the side and she looks like a dirty little hippie momma. Put it on her back and she looks like a pack animal. Strap it to her front – my god. I can’t even discuss that atrocity. What’s even the point of having boobs at that point? [Read more...]