We Have Been Replaced by Netflix, Video Games and Porn

by Jacki Schklar

Many of my girlfriends, too many, have been saying that men no longer approach them for romance or dating. It’s an epidemic. 

One of my friends has a theory that PVC’s in plastics have lessened men’s libidos. One woman thought it is the Atlanta area, but I happen to know several women in other states and it’s the same thing in at least 3 more states. One thought she must be giving the wrong vibes, but if that were the case all these women with all these different personalities would not have this issue.

I think I know the answer. Men are not interested in coupling because they have Netflix, video games and porn to keep them company. We just are no longer seen as necessary.

There is a new webseries about trying to find love a little later in life. I think the writing is a little predictable and it moves a little slow, but it has promise despite the fact that the star’s acting is a little impeded by the botox in her head. Check out Dating in the Middle Ages.


Jacki Schklar is a video and interactive content producer in Atlanta, Georgia. Her main interests are marketing, comedy production, web publishing and cooking. Everyone asks her if she is a comedian and/or tells her she should open a restaurant, neither of which appeal to her. She publishes a website featuring funny female producers, writers and comedians called funnynotslutty.com. Funny not Slutty Original Videos have been featured by Funny or Die, BestViral.com, TVGuide.com and Internet Video Magazine.