Ask The Suniverse on FnS – Vol. 1 Edition 6

Suniverse-Funny-AdviceConfused? Uncertain? Worried that you’re not quite fresh enough down there? I’m here to solve all your problems. As an oldest child, I’m quite used to bossing people around and telling them what to do. As someone who has spent countless years and more student loan money than I’d care to think about attending ever more esoteric classes, I’m filled with the type of knowledge that isn’t suitable anywhere else. Questions? Contact me at suniverse[dot]email[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also enjoy my profanity-laced invective at my blog, The Suniverse, or follow me on Twitter, @TheSuniverse. Enjoy, lovers.

Dear Suniverse,

If nuns are all the brides of the Big Man … doesn’t that make them celestial law-breaking polygamists?


Fast Track to You Know Where

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