Fashion Tips for Broke Girls – Ginny Leise


Us broke girls take a certain pride in being low-maintenance. Go all winter gaff taping your boots together? No big deal. Pairing a mealy t-shirt with a mini you outgrew years ago? That’s Saturday. Then spring comes along and quite literally sheds new light on your ragged sweaters. Want to freshen your wardrobe without forking over grocery money? Here are some tricks for keeping yourself consistently presentable and occasionally great.

1. Host a Swap. Invite over a big group of girls and their unwanted yet wearable clothes. Hold up each piece one at time and describe it (size, label, etc.) and interested parties take turns trying on. Things can get a little cutthroat so make sure to only invite your more civilized acquaintances. Pick out a charity for the leftovers. Viola, new clothes plus a little good karma—that never happens when you shop at Target. Speaking of which… [Read more...]

Anne Frank Responds to Justin Bieber – Jenn Dodd

Anne Frank Responds to Justin Bieber - Jenn DoddAfter visiting the Anne Frank Museum, where Anne lived in hiding for two years with her family during the Holocaust, Justin Bieber signed the guest book “Hopefully Anne Frank would have been a belieber”. Wow, Justin, how humble of you! Glad to know you ‘got something’ from your time in Frank’s secret annex and somehow made it all about yourself. What he probably didn’t count on was Anne Frank having a YouTube account and putting it to good use by (sweetly) laying the smack down on the 19 year old dooface. Comedian, Jenn Dodd, plays a young Anne Frank.

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Funny Not Slutty Best on the Planet Winners!

Funniest on the planet awards

Sponsored by The Louise Log

1. Funniest Comedian on the Planet – Female

Tina Fey – Winner!


2. Funniest Comedian on the Planet – Male

Louis CK – Winner!


3. Funniest Actress/Actor on the Planet – Television

Kristin Wiig – Winner!

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Buttski & Glasscock Take the Stage Just for You – Natalie Wall

Well, maybe not solely for you. But maybe, especially if you are industry folk, then Buttski & Glasscock, (along with an array of hilarious character comedians), are definitely getting on the stage specifically for you.

Any who, Funny Not Slutty is proud to announce that our lovely, Miss Jenn Dodd, shall be performing her monthly show, “Buttski and Glasscock New Talent Blow Out,” this Friday, February 8th, at 9:30 p.m at The People’s Improv Theater located in New York City.

For those of you that don’t know, few things:

  • Jenn is fucking hilarious.
  • The People’s Improv Theater is located 123 east 24th street, NYC.
  • Jenn is fucking hilarious.
  • This show is “character comedy.” In character comedy the comedian performs as though he/she is the character created by him/her…and…

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3 Rooftop Comedy Chicks to Stalk – Natalie Wall

Carmen Lynch—

Just awarded first place at the She Devil Comedy Festival (which we happened to help sponsor), Carmen Lynch is on fiyah! And honestly, I’m at a loss for words to describe how fucking hilarious she is. So that’s all I can say. She’s fucking hilarious. And if you’ve never heard any of her stand-up, then change that. Immediately. Like, seriously. Right now. Google her. Click a link. Click the links below. You can thank me later.

Lynch has appeared on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend,” and the Aspen Comedy Festival.
Want even more Lynch in your life? I know, me too. Don’t stop now, go check out her personal website, and don’t forget to check out her profile over at Rooftop Comedy.–

Mary Mack—

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Your New Slutty but Funny Associate Editor – Natalie Wall

Natalie Wall
Did this slutty but funny lady finally put on her big girl panties this week? Why yes, yes she did.

There’s nothing like a good ol’ heartbreak to force you to get your shit back together and focus, and for me it has resulted in being appointed the associate editor at this lovely web site. Some of you call it “Funny not Slutty,” I call it Mecca.

Two years ago, Funny not Slutty publisher Jacki Schklar told me I had a gift and real talent when it came to writing. She told me this in a moment when I really really needed to hear that; nothing like adult braces and living with your parents after graduation for a year to make you slightly depressed and question all your aspirations and goals in life.

And let’s be real, your parents can only tell you that, “you are their favorite little humor writer,” for so long.

She trusted me so much that Jacki gave me a chance to spread my writing wings with my very own column, aptly named “Slutty but Funny”, where per usual I was constantly late with deadlines, posts and story ideas….and still am.

Yet, here I am two years later, and Jacki still trusts me. Why? I have no fucking clue, she probably shouldn’t. But don’t tell Jacki I said that.

She again, came to me in a moment when I needed someone the most. Someone to tell me that I was making the right choice in not choosing the typical 9-5 job that would result in no time to write, someone to tell me that basically throwing away my college degree and following my gut was the right thing to do.

She did the greatest thing ever and asked if I wanted to be “Funny not Slutty’s” Associate Editor, in which I responded in the classiest of classy ways, “Fuck yes!”

My only hope as your Associate Editor, is that I can help deliver the best female comedy website to you …while still being slightly slutty.

But don’t worry, I got the “being slightly slutty” part in the bag! Now let’s do some funny shit.


Slutty but Funny

Natalie Wall likes to think she is a female comedian but the reality is she’s a NYC girl trying to make it big. If she’s not writing in her blog, Awkward Sex and the City, she’s spraying vanilla icing on a mini donut or thinking of ways to kill Dora from Dora the Explorer. Help her, humor her and fall in love with the pale pasty princess straight out of Compton (not really).



Hello Gorgeous Readers of Funny-Not-Slutty!

JUICE from SRSLY. on Vimeo.

SRSLY is back and we’re so excited to share the first of our ALL-NEW videos with you! It’s called JUICE.

Both of us have experimented with juice cleansing in the past and it always goes the same way – you start out feeling great, confident that after three days of liquids you will emerge a healthier, more Gwenyth-like person!!!! Then, 48 hours later, you’re equally confident that you’re going to die alone in a puddle of melty kale. Ch-ch-check it out!

ALSO – we’re thrilled to announce that we will be hosting the first-ever SRSLY. LIVE! at Webster Hall on July 12th at 8PM.  [Read more...]

Buttski & Glasscock’s New Talent BLOW OUT: Friday May 25

Jenn Dodd Show

Each month the Buttski and Glasscock Talent Agency brings you the best of the worst in the most pure, yet eccentric, talent this small town has to offer. As only two career-savvy former show girls can, Buttski and Glasscock comb through Craigslist ad after Craigslist ad l…ooking to breed new talent. And each month YOU will determine which act will get a one-year contract with the agency. So bring your ‘A-game’ as we wade through some of the best ‘B-talent’ this town has to offer for only $5!! Jenn Dodd hosts this character show case. This month she welcomes: *Tim Girrbach *Sharon Jamilkowski *Becky Yamamoto *Amy Albert *Katie Hartman *Steph Garcia & Danielle Tolley of FIRECRACKER Come for laughs, stay for drinks!!/events/406069016092314/

Skinny Bitch Jesus Meeting Avoiding AIDS at Alter EGO – Vaudeville Surreal

Alter Ego is an alternative variety show on the 3rd Sunday of every month at Fontana’s Bar on the LES of NYC.  Hosted by Killy Dwyer, this “vaudeville surreal” show is a journey through various alternative art forms and unique performances.

The next Alter Ego – Vaudeville Surreal is Sunday, May 20th.

Marilyn Snodgrass; Stylist for the Dead – Jenn Dodd

Some call her creepy but others simply call her misunderst- … no, she’s creepy. Marilyn Snodgrass is a dim-witted and adorably eerie beautician at the Astoria funeral home. Self appointed “fashion guru for the dead”, Marilyn was asked to give a speech for the New York Funeral Committee over her unique style choices for the recently deceased.

Jenn Dodd

Jenn Dodd is a New York based character actress and comedian who loves to poke fun at mankind’s collective social awkwardness. Her character work focuses primarily on the wonderfully bizarre nature of every day people.