Jessica Delfino is Becoming Famous


Jessica Delfino

Jessica Delfino

Funny not Slutty interview by Gabriella Giarrano.

She’s an accomplished writer with two successful music albums, a wildly successful world tour, a comedic style heralded as “witty”, “smart and edgy”, and “brilliant”, a plethora of awards to her name, and a unique, refreshing sense of fashion. She is Artist, Musician, Comedian, Writer and Fashionista. In fact it’s Jessica’s fashion sense that has her recently named one of Time Out NY’s “50 Most Stylish New Yorkers“.  And let’s not forget this is the Jessica Delfino who beat out Flight of the Conchords for “Best Musical Act” at the 2005 ECNY Awards. Her work is subversive, socially aware and hysterical. And that is why she’s becoming famous.

A lot of your material has to do with sex, female menstruation and genitalia,  STD’s, etc. it seems as if you write what you know.

Maybe some of my material does have to do with sex & female genitalia, but I have dozens of songs that are about other things. I used to feel like I’d done something wrong when people would say “all your songs are about vaginas!” but if that’s what so many people cling to in all of my repertoire, it just reiterates my belief that vaginas are some of the most magical and undeniably attractive and powerful things in the entire known universe, and it makes me wonder why more people don’t sing about them, and why more TV and radio stations don’t air songs about vaginas?

There was some controversy around your video “Jessica Delfino is Magic”, what was your initial reaction when YouTube removed the video?

A basic rejection response. At first my little old feelings were hurt that Youtube wouldn’t let my magical vagina play in their reindeer games. But I tend to get over things quickly and I rarely hold grudges. 

On the subject of controversy, The Catholic League president criticized you several years ago for your “Merry Shitmas” tour, claiming that  ”it only provides ammunition to the enemy (Muslims)” because of its Christmas themed debauchery, how did do you respond to such an outrageous claim? [Read more...]

Ladies of Laughing Skull – Danielle, Carmen and Jena

In this series we get to learn more about female comedian competitors in the upcoming Laughing Skull Comedy Festival, March 3-7 in Atlanta. With our first installment: Danielle Stewart, Carmen Lynch and Jena Friedman. 


Danielle Stewart

Danielle Stewart

~ Where do you hail from, and how did you get to the Laughing Skull Comedy Festival?
I am based in Los Angeles so we don’t get hail. But I did manage to get here safely via covered wagon. I’m calling it my Reverse Gold Rush Tour.    

~Describe your comedic style in 3-5 words.
Too dirty for TV  

~ Describe your driving style in 3-5 words.
Defensive while texting.   

~Describe Marshall Chiles (Executive Director of The Laughing Skull Lounge) in 3-5 words.
Handsome, innovative, less of a kiss ass than me.   

~ What do you hope to achieve from your participation in the LSCF?
Besides herpes? A fatwa.    

~Care to share anything else with FnS viewers?
Marry rich.   [Read more...]

Funny AND Slutty – Leslie Goshko and Killy Dwyer

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OK, maybe we ARE Funny AND Slutty…
..from the cutting room floor, too good to delete. Promos for their Frigid Festival shows to come.
Killy Dwyer -
Leslie Goshko –

The Jessie Spano Effect: Why We’re Still Afraid of Feminism

Blogging Molly
The “Jessie Spano” Effect: Why We’re Still Afraid of Feminism in 2010
By Molly Knefel

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent much of your adulthood recovering from the disappointment that life is not like Saved by the Bell said it would be. Nerds aren’t best friends with cool kids, caffeine pills don’t get you high, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s hair isn’t even blonde. But I was born in the 80s and grew up watching the show after school, and I was too young to know any better.

Recently, thanks to the miraculous series of tubes that is the Internet, I went back and watched the show again for the first time since childhood. Despite the fact that SBTB got it wrong on a few things (caffeine pills, especially), I still think it’s a fantastic show. But there was one aspect that stood out to me this time around. In the 15 years since I last watched, I have learned a lot. One of the things I’ve learned (besides caffeine pills don’t get you high) is this wacky idea called Feminism, which is basically just the idea that all people should be treated equally regardless of gender, race, or class. And there is something more important than caffeine pills that Saved by the Bell got wrong. Her name is Jessie Spano.

Jessie, as you may remember, was a feminist. She was also an egghead, a sometimes-cheerleader, and Slater’s girlfriend. Jessie was a relatively progressive character; she used words like “chauvinist,” she thought women should be valued for intelligence rather than looks, and she cared about the environment. This reminds me of how, in high school, any time I would advocate human rights I would be called a “tree-hugger”– anyone crazy enough to love humans or women must REALLY love trees, too. But, I digress: my point is, Jessie was pretty right-on, and it’s cool that the writers of the show were willing to articulate such issues. Right? Right… except for one problem. Slater.

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Data = Dung – Keisha Zollar


This character I discovered in a dream. My aunt and father had just gone to Senegal and brought back stories and wonderful clothes. And after I saw her in my dream I wanted to write a weird poop joke. I think body functions are funny.
- Keisha Zollar

Scott Brown's eHarmony Commercial – Katharine Heller

Scott Brown’s eHarmony Commercial – PLEASE CLICK FUNNY AT THE END
Newly elected senator Scott Brown from Massachusetts in a very special eHarmony ad. With Katharine Heller, Jesse Ruuttila, Captain Quinn, Lynne Rosenberg and Abigail Gullo.

From Russia with Love – Katharine Heller

Katharine Heller

Katharine Heller

We came up with the idea for From Russia With Love from all of those awful reality shows that kept popping up about families with multiple children. Especially after the Jon and Kate fiasco, we thought it would be fun to focus on a couple with a ton of kids who say they do the show “for the children” but it’s clearly about them. In our show, the 8 adopted Russian children are represented by Matryoshka nesting dolls. [Read more...]

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females Interview

Susan Alexander 5 Funny Females

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females

Comedian Susan Alexander hosts and produces 5 Funny Females, a national touring stand-up comedy show with a line-up of the most talented up and coming female comedians in over 10 US cities to sold-out audiences.

You are always on the move. I’m not even sure if you live in NY or CA?
Me neither. I love being on both coasts. Right now I live in NYC but will be heading to California for shows.

You make people thirsty talking about your current beverages in social media. What would you be drinking right now if you could have the drink of your dreams?
Have two drinks that are my all time favorites: Vietnamese iced coffee and Patron on rocks with fresh limes.

You have a little bit of a biting risqué adult comedy thing going on sometimes, delivered with a very non-threatening, genteel demeanor. Did you talk like that before you were a comedian, or is that a developed delivery technique? [Read more...]

Slumber Party – Madeline Kahn, Gilda Radner

Camille Harris on The Muffin Man

Funny Woman Camille Harris

I wrote Muffin Man when I was singing to my dog a while back, and then it kind of morphed into the song that I have now. I also wrote a musical called Muffin Man and it was just in the New York International Fringe Festival.
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