Face like a Bear's Ass – Dr. Dina Life Coach

Dr. Dina, Cougar Life Coach, dishing out some tough love gone bad in her advice column on Funny not Slutty.

bearded boyfriend
photo by imoto

I keep seeing men with big ass beards lately. I don’t want to date some dude who looks like Abraham Lincoln or Grizzly Adams. Am I being unfair?

I’m with you, sister. I cannot handle the explosion of men with Grandpa Walton long ass beards. Some styles from the 70s should be banned from returning and that includes beards, gauchos and leg warmers. Unfortunately, all three are back and punishing us again.
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The Marfa Stewart Show – Keisha Zollar

Funny woman Keisha Zollar is Marfa Stewart, keeping it real as she fixes up some of the best culinary dishes from the projects.


John and Molly Get Along – Molly Knefel

Female Comedian Molly Knefel

Molly Knefel


My brother and I started John and Molly Get Along last summer, but it was basically 23 years in the making (me being 23 years old).  He and I have both done improv, sketch, and stand-up for years, but we decided to collaborate since making fun of each other was what usually made us laugh the hardest.  We teamed up with our friend Jesse Ruuttila, who is a video editor, and between the three of us we write, film, and edit each new episode and premere them at our monthly show (also called John and Molly Get Along, the last Wendesday of each month at LPR in the Village). [Read more...]

Glennis McMurray FnS Interview – Gabriella Giarrano


Funny Woman Glennis McMurray

Photo Elizabeth Griffin

When it comes to making fart jokes with a pretty smile on your face, few do it better than funny woman Glennis Mcmurray. With a gorgeous voice, quick wit, and talent for hilarious poop jokes, Glennis is a force to be reckoned with. Recently FnS got to pick her brain about her beginnings in NY, work with improv and voice over, and where she is headed.

- I Eat Pandas became quite the success, how did that experience get started? Has it helped your personal career?

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