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Female Comedian Molly Knefel

Molly Knefel

So, the Olympic madness is finally over.  I’m not an athlete, so I really don’t care about the Olympics… but I am a stoner, so I’ll give it a good watch here and there if the timing is right. I would also never consider myself a girly girl, but when it comes to the Olympics, I may as well be Polly Pocket.  I like to watch the pretty things.  Diving?  COUNT ME IN.  Synchronized diving?  EVEN BETTER!  I would be reluctant to ascribe gender stereotypes to which Olympic sports people like to watch– I think it probably has more to do with each individual’s knowledge of sports.  If I knew what the hell was going on during a hockey game, I may enjoy it.  But I need absolutely no background knowledge to enjoy a good synchronized dive.  

 However, the other day, while hanging out with two dudes and watching the Olympics, they were making me feel like the girliest girl who ever lived.  I tried to make my argument for diving.  They didn’t buy it.  Synchronized diving went over even worse.  Gymnastics floor routines?  I was almost kicked out of the house.  They wouldn’t shut up about hockey– I didn’t even realize hockey was a god damn Olympic sport, because it’s on in every sports bar all year round.  The Olympics is about devoting two weeks of your life to watching sports that do not exist for the rest of the year.  If I could walk into Applebees and see the Uneven Parallel Bars whenever I wanted, it really wouldn’t be nearly as exciting for me as it is for those two patriotic weeks every few summers. 

After this whole argument played out, with each of us falling embarrassingly along our gender stereotypes, we decided to resolve our dispute by smoking a little bowl.  Then what should come on the TV but the girliest sport ever: Ice Dancing. 

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