Rose Surnow Has Great Timing

OK, so a certain FnS writer is a little MIA but will probably be found shortly to submit a missing photo…and it’s really time to post something. Post needed, STAT. What to do? What to do? Then comes a sign! A new fan on our FB Page. And she is a comedian. And she’s really funny. And she has embeddable vids on her site. It’s a sign! The Funny not Slutty Fairy must have been watching over me!

Meet Rose Surnow. You will be glad you did!

Pomm Cigs from Shan Raoufi on Vimeo.

Finally a cigarette that is good for your soul.

Eager Girl By Rose Surnow & Shan Raoufi from Shan Raoufi on Vimeo.

Passions flame when a blind date is given the gift of sight… the exit sign.