Infamous AXE Clean Your Balls Campaign – Scout Durwood Interview

Scout Durwood AXE Clean Your Balls Campaign

Scout Durwood is known as our friend Doctor Princess Lady Scoutington, Stalker of Penelope Cruz, former Miss America contestant, and The Lesbian Grinch. But wait, that’s not all. Scout is a prominent research professional for AXE Detailer in the infamous AXE Clean Your Balls marketing campaign. Scout stars in various episodes of this ballbreaking landbreaking ad campaign for one of the world’s largest soap manufacturers in the world, Unilever.

11 Million plus viewings of the AXE Clean Your Balls campaign vids. They won bigger advertising accolades than even the Old Spice campaign. Has AXE rewarded you well?

Well, as a downtown comedian/performance artist, my penny jar is just overflowing with pennies to begin with, so I hardly noticed the monetary compensation, but I am just swimming in loofa’s… er, AXE Detailers, and I have to say, the switch has really helped me get in touch with my love of men’s cleaning products, so, yes, I’m sittin’ pretty.  

How did you land the AXE campaign? [Read more...]

Scout Durwood Enchants NYC with Her Period

scout durwood

Scout Durwood sings a new anthem she wrote for women on The Global Look. A CITY WIDE local broadcast.
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Funny not Slutty of the Week – Scout Durwood


Scout Durwood is an NYC based actor and comedienne. She is a former Miss America title holder, a stand-up comic, a burlesquer, and can wiggle her ears and hula hoop… at the same time. From rollerdancing to Shakespeare, Scout is a veritable one woman variety show.
Scout’s profile on Funny not Slutty: