Top 7 Reasons Why You Should Always Leave Comments – Blythe Jewell

by Blythe Jewell

Note from Editor:
I felt that a good way to encourage commenting on FnS would be to publish a post about the importance of supporting fellow contributors. Naturally, I selected Blythe Jewell because of her mastery of the English language, fame and esteem, and …Who are we kidding? Blythe is just
a great big giant comment whore. So who better to threaten encourage us to contribute comments more often?

7. Every time you read a blog but don’t comment, a puppy dies.











6. If you don’t comment, your people will revolt and your government will be overthrown.















5. The governor of Wisconsin hates two things: lurkers and collective bargaining rights.








4. Studies have shown that people who don’t leave comments are 76% more likely to contract gonorrhea.











3. Rush Limbaugh? Total lurker.






2. Abraham Lincoln never left comments, and look how HE ended up.









1. If you don’t comment, Darth Vader will choke you with his mind.







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