FnS Interview – Jenn Dodd, Jenneral Assembly

 Jenn Dodd

Jenn Dodd is an entire sketch comedy troupe in one smart, riotous little package. She writes and acts for I’ve Got Munchies, a cooking sketch comedy program that airs biweekly on Manhattan Neighborhood Network. She performed live sketch in a 4-person group called Lolabrigada. Jenn’s must see blog and YouTube channel are her Jenneral Assembly of characters and their stories.

So where do all these people come from? Your characters exhibit all these lovely facets, and then even more detail can be found in your blog entries about them. Are those additional notes that did not make it to the sketches?

I am fascinated by people. I think my characters come from the part of my brain that is (annoyingly) observant of other peoples mannerisms. I’ll find myself watching someone tell a story rather than listening to it; how their lips move, how they use their hands, unique affectations. Countless times, I’m so caught up in observing, it’s an awkward moment when I’m supposed to respond.

My characters are usually based on people I know, people who I’ve observed from my costumer service jobs or a medley of several of them. More often than not, they’re even inspired by an interesting wig that I’ve found. I think I may have a wig addiction. Really. The stories which accompany the videos on my blog are usually done after the fact. It’s essentially me trying to expel any additional information about the character I can think of. Kind of like a character dry heave. Yep, I said it. Character dry heave. [Read more...]

John and Molly Can Act!!

Ep 6 of John and Molly Get Along.  Molly’s up for the big part. And John isn’t about to let her screw it up. Featuring Lenny Thomas.

New Sexy Victoria Secret Ad

This one was sent in by our graphic designer Lakia Ross…Lane Bryant may employ plus-sized lingerie models, but Victoria Secret knows how how a woman should really look.

From Landline TV, starring Adrianna Femur. Voice by Nicole Shabtai. Shot by Noah Yuan-Vogel.

Funny not Slutty of the Week – Jessica Bern

Jessica Bern

Comedian and producer Jessica Bern joined the FnS Community to share her web series, Bern This, about a neurotic woman’s journey through her weekly visits to her therapist’s office. She has since become a very popular comedy mommy vlogger and speaks at BlogHer events.

Jessica’s page in the Funny not Slutty Community -

The Funny not Slutty Community – it’s the place to connect for female comedians, writers and producers… and their fans.

Elin Nordegren’s Nike Ad by Kimberly McBride

Elin Nordegren’s Nike Ad

Since women everywhere are sighing in relief over Tiger’s loss at the Masters…

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