Susan Alexander’s great new Comedy Time set!

Susan Alexander 5 Funny Females
Susan  knows best when it comes to looking for love and happiness…

Sandy Stec Interviews ADAM LAMBERT!

Sandy’s fabulous interview with Adam Lambert before his sold-out show at the Warfield in San Francisco that night. They talked food, music, and Twilight.

And Sandy took a little road trip to Amish country with our friend Susan Alexander:

Sandy and Susan will be in San Francisco performing 5 Funny Females ( ) Aug 6th & 7th and then at The Denial Game Show filming a pilot on Aug 13th & 14th ( ) at the legendary Purple Onion.

Susan Alexander uses chopsticks to eat a hamburger

Susan has a new 5 Funny Females DVD to be published soon –

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females Interview

Susan Alexander 5 Funny Females

Susan Alexander of 5 Funny Females

Comedian Susan Alexander hosts and produces 5 Funny Females, a national touring stand-up comedy show with a line-up of the most talented up and coming female comedians in over 10 US cities to sold-out audiences.

You are always on the move. I’m not even sure if you live in NY or CA?
Me neither. I love being on both coasts. Right now I live in NYC but will be heading to California for shows.

You make people thirsty talking about your current beverages in social media. What would you be drinking right now if you could have the drink of your dreams?
Have two drinks that are my all time favorites: Vietnamese iced coffee and Patron on rocks with fresh limes.

You have a little bit of a biting risqué adult comedy thing going on sometimes, delivered with a very non-threatening, genteel demeanor. Did you talk like that before you were a comedian, or is that a developed delivery technique? [Read more...]