Dinner with Naomi – Written and Directed by Megan Lent

Dinner with Naomi is a typical boy-meets-girl story. Except the girl is a lesbian.
James, the main character, is based very loosely on a real-life boy, also named James, who currently lives in Boston and is one of my favorite people on the planet. He’s my husband on Facebook. He gets himself into awkward situations like this from time to time. As someone who has had her fair share dating both awkward boys and lesbians with dysfunctional families, I think I’m expert enough on the subject to write a movie about it. – Megan Lent

Megan Lent

Megan Lent is a wonderfully unsuccessful blogger who likes to whine about literature at http://apostrophetothestars.blogspot.com/, and occasionally contributes to the steamy world of small-press fiction at Metazen and Housefire. She was the 62nd best speller in California in eighth grade, and used to run a brothel out of her parents’ house in Chicago. She lives in LA.