It's a Funny not Slutty World After All

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funny bra

Producers and women in comedy Ruth Selwyn (Tel Aviv), Jane Postlethwaite (Brighton, UK) and Jacki Schklar (Atlanta) discuss making funny videos and interactive content for a female audience. Ruth is creator of the famed Lizzy the Lezzy animations, Jane produces social media content under the guise of StylistBrighton and Jacki is publisher of

Ruth:  Jacki, I have been meaning to ask you, don’t you want to be funny and slutty sometimes?

Jacki:   Excuse me Ruth, but don’t you live in the Holy Land? I did not think you would speak of such things.

Ruth:  Such a typical straight woman, answering a question with a question. I’ll take your obvious evasiveness to mean yes, you would like to be slutty sometimes too. I would too actually, especially if I was tall, blonde and beautiful like Jane – ever thought of showing us your cleavage in a video Jane? [Read more...]